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Manford Way Chigwell, Essex IG7 4DF
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1.50 to 3.00 pm

The practice has a weekly ante-natal clinic run by a midwife and one of the GPs. Please see the practice nurse if you need a pregnancy test. By appointment only


By appointment

By appointment with the practice nurse

Baby Clinic

1.30 to 3.30

New baby registration and immunisations by appointment, health visitor offers walk-in service

Cardiac Clinic

By appointment with the Health Care Assistant

We are keen to help you to prevent heart attacks and strokes from occurring and recurring. We test people (screen) for the presence of risk factors, eg smoking, high blood pressure and high blood fat levels (cholesterol), which can increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke


Please discuss with your GP


Diabetic clinic

By appointment

By appointment with the practice nurse

Family Planning (including coil fitting) By appointment Family planning advice is a service offered by all GPs and nurses. Dr. Rowena Cameron-Mowat is trained to fit IUCDs (coils).

Minor surgery (removal of warts, joint injections, etc)


Please discuss with your doctor, who will arrange a time with you

Smoking Cessation

By appointment

If you want help giving up smoking, please make an appointment with the practice nurses, who specialise in helping patients to quit. Please click here for details of other Stop Smoking Services in the area.

Travel By appointment Patients requiring travel vaccines should make an appointment with the practice nurse inn the travel clinic. You may have to pay for some of the vaccines. Please click here for a list of the vaccines recommended for each country.
Weight Reduction By appointment As well as offering weight reduction advice by appointment with GP or nurse, the practice offers a nurse-led slimming clinic on Thursdays, 9.30 to 10.00 am

Well woman (including cervical smears)

By appointment with the practice nurse